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Providing Customized Security Solutions for Businesses, Non-Profits, and Homeowners

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Alibi Dome Camera, Preferred Security, Cleveland, OH

We Work With Community-Focused Non-Profits to Build Customized Packages for Surveillance, Alarms, and Access Control

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We are the Experts When It Comes to Protecting the Ones You Love

Preferred Security is a locally owned organization that provides Cleveland, OH citizens with the high-quality security solutions that they need today.

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Monitor Your Home or Business From Anywhere

Dangers are everywhere today. There seems to be a different story covering a kidnapping, assault, or robbery every day, including right here in Cleveland, OH. Therefore, home and business owners must find suitable ways to protect structures, people, and assets.

24/7 Protection

Preferred Security proudly offers 24/7 protection to ensure that every client is adequately safeguarded from threats throughout the day or night.

React Quickly

It is critical to react before disaster strikes. Security systems deter criminals, prevent crimes, and provide peace of mind too.

Single Monitor Point

Customers can remotely monitor multiple locations and feeds from a single access point thanks to today's software and surveillance equipment.

Our Solutions

Video Security

Surveillance cameras are an essential part of video security. They capture and record threats, hazards, perimeter breaches, and more. If people choose to break-in, steal, or cause harm to another, the recording can serve as evidence for the police.

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Burglar Alarms

Cleveland, OH property owners can benefit from having burglar alarms installed as well. Thieves are less inclined to raid places where system signs are present. Sensors go on the windows and doors that notify the correct persons of a violation.

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Access Control

Access control is a security technique that restricts access to certain areas. It is a useful tool that businesses use around the world. Bosses utilize the technology to prevent employees from getting inside particular offices, supply closets, or other rooms.

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Home Automation

Preferred Security also offers home automation. The security system gets linked to the things such as the building's a/c and heating unit. The individual can adjust the settings from anywhere to protect their family or save money on the utility bill.

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How It Works

  • Free Expert Walkthrough
  • Custom System Design
  • Installation and Training
  • Warranties and Support

Free Expert Walkthrough

A quick phone call to schedule a consultation is all it takes to get things started. The professional representative will come to the property and perform a free expert walk-through.

Custom System Design

The agent will design a custom system based on the customer's needs. After all, most places aren't identical and requirements vary from place to place. Then, a proposal will follow.

Installation and Training

Once the parties agree on the terms, the installation will commence. Having the equipment is not enough though. Preferred Security trains customers on how to use the hardware and software too.

Warranties and Support

The installer leaves their phone number, which assures that the customer can reach them 24/7. Plus, the purchase comes with a stellar 3-year parts warranty and 1-year new installation guarantee.

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Why Businesses Choose Us

Business owners throughout Cleveland, OH have chosen our experts for years. Are trustworthy technicians provide top-notch service to keep businesses safe.


3-Year Warranty

As mentioned above, there is a 3-year parts warranty, which is virtually unheard of in any industry, but Preferred Security is confident in their high-quality product.


Customized Solutions

There is no point in consumers buying security equipment that they don't need, so the team goes above and beyond in providing top-notch customized solutions.


Fair Prices

Cleveland, OH residents shouldn't have to break the bank on a surveillance system and installation. Hence, Preferred Security has fair, competitive pricing to meet their budgets.


Local Provider

Time is crucial when safety and security are the primary topics of concern. Preferred Security is locally owned and operated. Therefore, customers always get a timely response.


Expert Specialists

Talking to someone that is not familiar with the security system can be quite stressful. Here, customers speak with an expert every time they call.


Professional Support

This professional organization offers continuing ongoing support for added convenience. The team members have more than 45-years of combined experience and are ready to help.

Unique, Short-Term Construction Site Security Solutions

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Video Security

Things disappear from construction sites all the time. Thieves break-in to steal copper pipes, wiring, and more. Video security is an ideal choice for nipping this issue in the bud.

Alarm Systems

Burglars break windows and jimmy locks to get inside these places. Preferred Security has alarms that are perfect for combating such effects. The systems notify both security teams and first responders.

Access Control

Construction sites are hectic with employees and contractors coming and going at various times of the day. Access control can prevent persons from getting into places where they shouldn't be.

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